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Admitting he was due christian louboutin boots to past issues with the city previous summer festival, Stillwater Mayor Ken Harycki has decided that the name of the new festival the Stillwater Log Jam can stay, the Pioneer Press reports.christian louboutin wedding shoes ukCity officials withdrew their request to have organizers reconsider a different name over their fears that Jam had a sexual connotation.”We were made aware how can I put this delicately? that the name was a vulgar reference that we would prefer not to have associated with a family event in the city,” Haryicki said last week. „We don’t want to be the laughingstock ofchristian louboutin wedding shoes the nation.”In a complete turnaround Monday, however, the mayor said he realized any name could have a sexual connotation. He also said he was being overly burberry uk outlet sensitive about the name because of the legal and financial problems of Stillwater old festival, Lumberjack Days.just want the bestburberry uk festival that reflects the best face of Stillwater, and we thought that with some of the connotations, it might be appropriate to come up with aburberry outlet different name, Haryicki said. Council member cheap louboutin shoes Ted Kozlowski told the Stillwater Gazette that the name change request is now dead issue. McLemore of the festival organizer, The Locals, expressed herlouboutin sale gratitude in a written statement over the decision.”We are pleased that the City of Stillwater has given us the green light to move forward in our planning efforts of Stillwater Log Jam, McLemore said. are committed to producing a famil Linked Articles http://chenaimeili1.livejournal.com/5746.html http://www.obis.ro/?p=968 http://www.antiguabike.com/uncategorized/cheap-louboutin-shoes-quilt-which-was-made/  

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